Housing and dwelling

living in a flat


  • local council takes care of maintenance
  • less household
  • cheaper than houses
  • usually not far from the city centre


  • not enough space
  • not garden for children, growing plants
  • noisy neighbours

living in a house


  • a lot of space
  • garden
    • you can grow vegetable (healthy food)
    • you can raise animals (pets, animals for meat)
    • a place for relax
    • a place for children to play
  • own central heating – you can regulate it as you want and need
  • not so close to neighbours


  • a lot of housework
  • house maintenance – painting, fences, roof
  • taking care of a garden – work at the vegetable garden
  • mow the lawn
  • more expensive than flats
  • further from city centre – commuting to school, work

home rules


  • everybody sit at the dining table (every day, only weekends?)
  • you can start eating at any time you want or you have to wait for other members of the family
  • can television be switched on during your eating?
  • what do you have for breakfast, lunch, dinner in your family?
  • time of eating in your family (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


  • who usually prepares the meal
  • do you help your mum


  • the rules – who does the vaccuming, sweaping, mopping, dusting, washing-up, washing, hanging the clothes, ironing?
  • how often do you do housework?
  • work in the garden – mowing the lawn, weeding, picking up the fruits etc.

living in a city and a village

living in a city

  • busy night life
  • better employment, educational, sport, entertainment, cultural opportunities
  • better transport
  • a lot of shopping facilities
  • a lot of noise, busy streets, too many people around
  • a lot of crime – not safe streets
  • a lot of pollution
  • more expensive life

living in a village:

  • queit environment
  • safer place for living
  • healhtier enviroment – less pollution
  • walking in the forest
  • people – know each other – help each other
  • playgrounds for children
  • need to commute to school, to work
  • less sport opportunities
  • no cinemas, theatres, museums (not enough culture)
  • gossips in the village (everybody knows everybody and knows everything)

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